Welcome to the Cross Keys Hotel Chatteris

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All rooms have free Wi-Fi

In a nutshell, the rooms are separated into two groups; the old (original Cross Keys Inn, 16 Market Hill) and rather charming part above the hotel (first and Second Floor) which consists of rooms;

Room 3 (Twin En-Suite)

Room 4 (Double En-Suite, Four Poster Bed)

Room 5 (Double En-Suite, Four Poster Bed)

Room 6 (Twin, Shared Bathroom; an ideal economy room),with;

Room 7 (Twin, Shared Bathroom; an ideal economy room)

Second Floor

Room 8 (Double En-Suite with a fold out settee/ double bed and a single fold-out bed so ideal family room with up to five beds)

Room 9 (Twin En-Suite)

The 'New' set of rooms were designed above number 10 & 12 Market Hill when the hotel expanded and accessible via the Main Staircase,as;

Room 10 (Double En-Suite with bath)

Room 11 (Double En-Suite with bath)

Room 12 (Double En-Suite with bath)#Room 10-12 all face the Medieval Church, St. Peter & St. Paul.

Room 14 (Double 'Half-Tester' bed En-Suite with bath)

Room 15 (Double En-Suite with bath, Bridal Suite standard)

Please note we do not at present have any ground floor accommodation